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I shop only QFC and they take the store coupons fred Meyers sends to me and I only go thru self-checkout the clerks know me and treat me like a queen.. I will never shop there.. No aldi here but do have a winco but their fruits and veggies pretty crummy meat as well.. Safeway is great and I use the 10 off 50 all the time, get rainchecks for anything and the clerks will have someone go and get you items if at the checkout line..

I would never go into freds they totally took the jobs of many people with no regard how to live.. QFC is a Kroger company but they treat their employees well and it is a small store with nice people.. Customer service is much better, and you never have to wait in a line longer than one person. They have a dynamic system of opening registers as crowds grow.

I agree with you re QFC! I actually work for Fred Meyer and that thingies is called scan bag and go. As for eliminating jobs, we have actually increased our staffing to include baggers at every checkstand who will also be more than happy to assist you and your purchases to your car. Just select your items online and choose your pickup time and they bring your bags out to you and load them into your car. I LOVE clicklist! My fred Meyers have great employees.

I think you got my bad shopping trip luck! My luck reversed today for once. It was not busy for once! I did spend a lot, but I expect to now that my kids are home. Even though I had a full cart and got 88 items, my trip only took one hour from door to door! Yay for shopping without kids! I then took my 5 year old to a local fiber festival.

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We had a fabulous time. I brought my cash spending money to stay on budget. It also had an indoor playground, so she got most of her energy out. They got along like peas in a pod! Those are so confusing for me. I had a Eureka moment the other day. Then when I get five Items I put them in the regular cart. That way I have a visual of whether or not I bought five things.

Just a thought? I do something similar! And then I group them together in the cart and double check before I check out that I have groups of 4 or 5 or whatever the sale is. It makes such a difference! How can you find out which 5 mix and match items go together? I always thought you had to buy 5 of the same thing. You can mix and match all of them! I managed to mess up my buy 5 participating by talking myself out of the 16 oz Kroger shredded cheese because I had it together and somehow miscounted at checkout.

Other than that I will try it next time. Our local smaller grocery store often has marked down meats and produce, but I usually only see meat once in a while at Walmart or elsewhere. But now, I warn the rest that I have coupons to verify and some will jump to another line. It can be a bit of a trial, but the savings are worth it!

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I need to check out Fetch Rewards now too and see how hard it is without the smart phone! Could cut that if I was willing to do several shopping trips a week all month, but ugh!

I just take an afternoon or evening seems quieter at those times and go do it all for the once a month trip—starting at the dollar store for what I can get there cheaper and then progressing to other errands and stores. It was a tough adjustment! Plus, I find that the cashiers and staff are usually more helpful when the store is quieter! First of all, I am sorry your cashier got frustrated. I am not going to excuse her behavior, but if your store is anything like my store, employees are overworked, with not enough hours for the store to give adequate employee coverage.

That puts a lot of stress on us. It should not spill over to the customer, but we are just as human as the next person and sometimes we are not perfect. It really should say sorry, no rain checks, along with saying while supplies last. The official Kroger coupon policy states that we cannot take a coupon if it will make the item free or if it would give overage, which means giving money back to the customer.

Different stores do different things, but that is the official corporate policy. And I am not allowed to do it even if a customer complains that such and such store let them. I do all of my shopping at Kroger because I love the mega sales too! And if you ever have a digital coupon that did not seem to come off, just ask the cashier about it. They will check your coupon to make sure that it was the right size and type, and if it is, we can fix it for you. If you have already paid, and you spot a mistake, the customer service desk can help you.

I hope this sheds some light on some common occurrences at Kroger and makes your shopping trips better! I have complained about it to the store manager and corporate. It almost seems like they do that on purpose. In my area, they use Western Union to send money back home. We always get store brand items. They taste as good as regular brand, but a lot cheaper. I am sorry to hear that about your Kroger store. I go thru self check out with a full basket. By the way I ring up rain check items without grief my stores. Thank you I will be on a very tight budget. I appreciate you sharing the info.

Krogers will always be my favorite store. Hey guys i am a employee at kroger. And just want to let you guys know that we try real hard to keep the store stocked day to day. We try to ordee truck to truck to keep the customers with the the best dates and freshest items available.

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Just remember if its not on the shelf always ask for assistance because sometimes we may have it in a different location in the store. Especially if its a mega event sale. Buy 5 save 5 deal. I think there was something funky going on Friday with the digital coupons…. I find it very stressful. My preferred way to shop is online and then pick up. My local Kroger is horrible! I have taken numerous photos and sent them to Kroger Corporate, but empty shelves are still the norm.

Clerks are rude, lines at the few checkouts they have open are long, and I get discharged at least once per visit. One time 4 out of 12 items were incorrect. I only shop Kroger for their super deals. I get very discombobulated when I have that much stuff. I place my items on the belt in groups of 5. I also found out this week there are some Kroger stores that allow unlimited points discounts on gas. This girl bought gas for.

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She purchased Carnival Cruise gift cards at 4X points and thengot some really cheap gas. Kroger stores for the most part are very nice stores BUT for the most part they are extremely short on real customer service. I post my meal plan every Monday or Tuesday. I hope that helps! I have been shopping at Kroger for a while and purchase the 5 for 5 items when I find things I want.

Chicken in Deli Dept. I put the other 4 items in cart. And realized my mistake at checkout. So, I paid regular price. If l had discovered my error at checkout I could have got my 5th item Kleenex for. Take time and study your shopping procedure. Costly mistake! I used to do several shopping trips a week when we lived in another state and the stores were located closer to my home. I just do a big shopping trip once a week or so now. I wish I could do smaller shopping trips like I used to, I think it depends on where you live.

What city is this? Our Kroger prices are at least double even with sales, buy 5 save 5 deals, digital coupons, regular coupons, and Ibotta.

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Maybe I need to move. Thanks for the Kroger shopping trips! I love Kroger! I also signed up for the fetch rewards app:. That is so frustrating that happend to you! As for rainchecks, we are actually advised as long as we know the item will be back in stock, to write a raincheck.

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I am so sorry that you had a bad experience! I hope you know we are all like that. I totally agree that self check out is the way to go to make sure the price rings up right. I usually have too many items in my cart and use the cashier. I guess no doubles allowed? Overall Kroger is my favorite store. I just visited this site and read 2 posts. I too am a frugal shopper. I see you use Ibotta. Just walking in and scanning items can be worthwhile. Trade points for gift cards. It looks like you are living off goldfish crackers and Cheerios.

Your money would be better spent in the produce aisles than just stocking up on sugary drinks and refined carbs. I have never met Crystal but I find your comment exceptionally rude, Nat. Crystal is offering you and others a FREE service of scouting and sharing deals. You do you, Nat, and worry about yourself and your family.

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  7. Please let me know where to find the Sparkling Deer Park. Just an FYI…it plainly states on the ad that those special sale items are while supplies last. As an ex-employee of Kroger, I can tell you that hEr frustration could have been a full shift of situations exactly like yours and even though she should have been polite and kept her opinions to herself, it sometimes does get the best of you.

    I figured I would dislike it but I so fell in love with his character and his sad heart. Glad to know you liked it too. A lot of my bookclub gave it a thumb down. Okay, I am sitting here shaking my head. Two people today commenting on how many starches you eat and how much protein you should have. My goodness, people, focus on your own lives and chill out. Alrighty, off my soapbox about that. I also prefer going to the store more often than having huge orders.

    I believe we will start shopping at aldi. The associate presented me with my receipt and checked to make sure that I was okay with a substitution that had to be made. After this brief ClickList orientation, my groceries were loaded into my car and I was on my way back home. You may be wondering how much this costs. The service fee is waived for your first three orders and it varies by region.

    Overall, my first experience with Kroger ClickList was a good one. Ordering online through the website was a snap, signage at the store made finding the pickup area easy and my groceries were quickly brought to my car. The biggest benefit is how much time it saves, which Kroger estimates to be about 30 minutes per ClickList pickup. Have you tried Kroger ClickList yet? Let us know in the comments below about your experience and if you agree with the mom on Reddit that it can save you money!

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