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Order your free data SIM now! Select the amount of credit you would like. The more you add the cheaper the price!

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Add to basket. Countries includes: United Kingdom. See how little it costs Just for: 0. The rates displayed above relate to our new data sim product only.

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Data is billed in 1MB increments. ADD Credit. You can add up to 1GB data bundle to this data SIM in over countries to get even lower data rates. If you are a multi destination traveller our Europe, Asia and global data bundles mean you can use one bundle for all your data needs. Forget having to switch your phones SIM cards and instead use out worldwide data SIM in a mobile hotspot or tablet so you can reduce the cost of data roaming and browse the web in countries. Simply add a bundle which is valid for up to 30 days or add prepaid credit which only expires if you don't use the SIM once a year.

You can stay in control of your costs by logging in to see your online billing. You can top up 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.

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Top up online, over the phone or set an automatic top up. Use it as an ipad SIM card, in a tablet or in a mobile hotspot!

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Our global internet SIM cards are compatible with all unlocked devices including iPads, tablets, WiFi Hotspots, laptops and all our data roaming gadgets. FYI You will need to manually select a network in some countries in order to get the lowest rates. We have negotiated low cost data roaming rates in destinations.

This includes all of the popular destinations for both leisure and business users. Get 4G speeds in all countries that offer 4G. If you need assistance at any time, we are available 24 hours a day. You can call us, use live chat, email us, talk to us on social media not 24 hours or use our FAQ's.

The WorldSIM Data SIM card is so easy to use and with your online account you can check your balance, top up, set an auto top up and get immediate assistance if you need it.. Find Out More. As a first time user, I am very satisfied.

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There's a bit of a learning curve if you've never used a SIM before, which was my situation, but it doesn't take long to figure things out. And the rates are superb! It's so nice not to have to worry about excessive roaming charges on your "home" carrier. Read More Reviews. But first, a small note on the state of roaming in the EU.

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  7. Of course, with the UK now in the process of leaving the EU, that could soon change. The situation at the time of writing is that if the UK agrees to leave with a deal then free EU roaming will remain until at least the end of , when the implementation period ends. However, if we leave with no deal with the date for that currently set at April 12th , then there will be no regulations saying that networks have to continue offering free EU roaming, so it will be down to the networks themselves as to whether they do or not. They may choose not to not simply because they can, but because their own costs for offering the service might go up, since networks in other countries will be able to charge them more for their services.

    The 3 cheapest ways to get phone data worldwide - NYC local SIM card tips!

    The major UK networks have all broadly said that they have no current plans to change their roaming terms, regardless of the terms of our withdrawal from the EU, but their statements are vague and leave the possibility of roaming charges returning in the future. The exception to this is Three, which offered free roaming in much of Europe before it had to and claims to remain committed to that. Compare deals and save. For more information on available add-ons see the detailed information for each network below.

    Vodafone has been one of the better UK networks when it comes to roaming charges of late.

    Roam Like Home

    Back in May , it scrapped roaming charges altogether for 40 European countries many of which offer 4G speeds for new and upgrading pay monthly customers. And now all Vodafone customers can roam at no extra cost in 48 destinations, using their normal allowances. The list can be seen in the chart below, but is similar to that offered by other networks.

    Visit our 5G hub. Use your Unlimited Max plan to roam at no extra cost in 77 destinations worldwide — more than any other network. Roaming on all our Unlimited data plans is capped at 25GB a month in inclusive roaming. To find out more about terms, destinations and verification, see here. What is Vodafone Global Roaming? Vodafone Global Roaming gives you the freedom to take your home plan of data, minutes and texts with you across destinations around the world:.