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They have been selling mesos for years. And they have been spamming their messages across the MapleSEA server for several years and it still very active. I tried them only a few times, but most of the times I used SEAGM as my mesos provider as they are really quick and efficient on delivering mesos to me. Conclusion That's all I can think of, those are the 3 best ways to get mesos now. If you guys have been using the drop rate 2x coupon, you guys will notice there is absolutely no difference at all.

With x2 drop rate buff, I don't feel I got more cores from monsters. This is the same for x2 server drop rate. As you can see, we all are being cheated, this x2 drop rate buff from coupon or server is fake. Don't believe, go try out yourself. Whenever Asiasoft gives out x2 drop rate buff coupons, or x2 drop rate events, don't believe it, it is a fake.

I have been playing this game for years, I have been trying out countless of times during the x2 drop rate events. I don't try out 1 or 2 times and write my conclusion down here that x2 drop rate buff is fake because I tested out countless of times. For example, if you are doing data analytics, you need big figures to derive a conclusion. For example, if your website has visitors come from Google, and visitors come from social network websites. You can't draw any conclusion at all. Because the figures are just too low.

But if your website has visitors constantly everyday come from Google and visitors come from social network websites constantly. Then that might prove something right? This is the same like what I'm doing here, I trying to see how many cores I get without x2 drop rate and with x2 drop rate event for countless of times. There is no difference, get it? Therefore, it is fake! The x2 drop rate buff from coupons or events have no effects at all. My friends said the Twin coupon in cash shop x2 drop rate works. This is probably because this coupon is purchased by cash.

If this coupon has no effects, then no one will buy it. But the x2 drop rate coupon or events in the game does not profit Asiasoft directly at all. Therefore, they can just post a x2 drop rate event to lure you guys back to the game. Anything that costs money, surely got effects just like Black cube or red cube in cash shop all got higher rate of tier-ing up your equips compared to the useless purple cubes you can get for free where you need to use an average of purple cubes to up from unique to legendary.

So, now you learn it, don't believe anything you read just like the x2 drop rate event! You have patched your game, so what to do first? There are so many things? Here are the 3 things that you confirm must do first! Open the pre beyond box Get all the items inside! All those items are free if you have pre-registered your MapleID and email. Get your new 5th job skill from cores Every job got a new skill. Go get it, and level to It's good to see that new skill is coming out. Get Decent Holy Symbol from core!

This is a MUST have skill. Hence, it is a MUST have skill for everyone. Needless to say, level it to level Familiar of this error? It's the error that you will get if you get DC from hekaton. I know there are a lot of maplers who are playing Hekaton everyday and keep getting DC is a headache. Here is a solution to solve the problem, not really a solution but I found it useful to reduce lag and prevent DC. But you still have the chance to get DC.

Hekaton is very lag, as there are a total of 30 players who are spamming skills sending packets to the server at the same time. You need to reduce your lag to the minimum to prevent getting DC. Keep all your pets 2. STOP attacking when you feel lag your screen hang. If you continue to attack, you will get DC.

Nothing you can do other than that, get a good Internet connection perhaps? High mbps? I have been complaining about this error for years, but yet it has been solved. This is an error that has irritated a lot of players. Anyway, this error is good in some ways, that it DC players inside Hekaton max 30 players inside and let other players to get in to Hekaton. This way, per round of Hekaton there are more than 30 players that can get coins. Here is how to get the best gameplay. There is currently no active cheating group for MapleSEA. There are a lot of tricks to earn a lot of mesos by glitching, scamming, hacking.

This is the group where you can share those tips! Let's share! You need to spent at least a month or more to collect all the cores then break them into core pieces and craft decent HS pieces. Especially, on level 2x decent HS, you need 3 decent HS pieces to up 1 level. Other than that CMS officially released their cubes tier up rates here. Well, now you know how difficult it is to get a legendary rank equip Sometimes, I used more than purple cubes just to up from unique to legendary on 1 equip. Also, the mesos rate become crazy CF becomes m Looking forward for more to write soon..

I want to prove something that success is the matter of not giving up in MapleSEA. That's is my ultimate belief for my success. For example, look at this fafnir mage hat, with 1 pass out of 11 slots! This is my worst MapleSEA tracing experience Right, most people will be giving up when they saw the stats above. But no, let's inno it and try again.

Look this is what you can get on NOT giving up. But no, people might just give up from here. I will go further. I write this is to inspire all of you maplers , because I have seen a lot of people give up when they try the 1st try OR 2nd try. But if you don't give up, you will get what I get too! I boomed approx 45 tyrant capes before I gotten my 12 stars tyrant cape and more.

I keep booming until I get what I want!

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My equips all reached 19 stars using this NOT giving up spirit! Go for it! Don't give up!!!! Like my FB page if you want to find out new updates on my blog!

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I want to show that if you don't want to give up, or never give up, something miracle will happen. Look at this. Just within approx 1 month, I make this hat If I continue to work on this hat, it will probably become legendary rank and maybe become the strongest mage hat in Aquila. But no, I have stopped and I put it on Auction house for those who are interested to continue to make this hat into a wonder. I'm here to encourage all of you that if you got a dream in your life, or if you got a dream equip, weapon in that you want in MapleSEA.

Just don't give up, your turn will come soon. Keep trying!!! The goal of this JQ is to get the level heart and android that is comparable to the titanium heart for free. But it comes with a price!

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Good thing don't always come free! You probably looking for tips or tricks to jump the JQ jump quest for beautyroid.

You need to jump finish this jump quest to get to heaven where you can farm coins. The jump quest is like a prequest to get to the grinding map lab to hunt for coins. After you get to the heaven map filled with monsters you can start farming coins easily and get your android and heart within 2 days with drop rate equips Here is what you can search on Youtube with this keyword: Maplestory mechanic heart those are GMS videos as they have done before this event From there, you can click on any of the video and try to follow them to jump Some people take 2.

So you are to complete the jump quest once and for all if you want to do. Other than that you can join the Maple talk no sales group to find out more tips or tricks from MapleSEA players on how to jump the jump quest! After 2 days of hard work, I finally gotten both the heart and android. Just need to make this heart to legendary and good potential and I'm done. Here are my tips for those who want to get the heart and android.

For B4 to B2 it is easy, just take like hours to practice it. Most likely, you can get to B1 in 1 day, have some patience. If cannot, then wait for another day, and try again. Just watch the Youtube video on how they jump. B4 to B2 there are not much obstacles. B1, here is the hardest part out of all, you need about hours of practice, you will keep failing and failing, then you will be very experienced.

Once, you are experienced going to the right end portal is not an issue. Be patience, and focus hard, don't be nervous, go through the gases 1 by 1, no need to hurry. This is important, if you have no confidence of getting through the gas then just keep on your position until you got confidence then move to the next gas. After you are skilled on the going to the right portal.

For me I prefer walking the gas below rather than the laser on top, here is my trick. Yes, move as close as possible. For 2 gases close together jump 3 times and for 1 gas jump 1 or 2 times. Keep trying until you succeed. After then you can go to B3 to collect coins to buy the heart and android, you need to hunt for coins to get both heart and android.

Get the x2 drop rate buffs on the shop and start hunting on B3. That's all folks. Good luck and have fun, hope this tip can help you well. Here is a quick guide to get to the new level arcane map First you need to kill 1 lucid, go to the top of the clock tower and go talk to that guy to do story mode Lucid. This version of lucid is the easiest to kill in story mode. Once you killed 1 lucid, go back to the town and talk to the crack below and collect 10 fragment of dreams from any monsters in Lachecln and complete the quest.

Once you completed the quest, go in to the portal in the middle of the town that portal that you originally cannot go in one.

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There is one portal that you originally cannot go in, now you can because you killed 1 lucid and completed the quest that asked you go collect 10 etc items. Once you get into that portal, you reached the map below, talk to the flying NPC and complete the quest. From here, it will lead you all the way to the new map: Arcana. New map: Arcana Then just follow the quests flow, just keep talking to the NPC and doing quest all the way it will ask you to kill monsters around the new map.

There are a few components that contribute to your total stats. It is the stats that is permanently tied to the character when there are no effects applied to it. Each stat has a default value of 4 as pure stat and Ability Points AP is used to increase this. In general, total AP is as follows:. Any additional effects that are non-percentages and are affected by percentage increases , are considered as Added Stats. Basically, any sources of stats will be classified under this, except:. For effects that increases based on a proportion of pure stats, increase amount is rounded down and classified as Added Stats.

There are a few skills with such effects:. For Totalling Ring, the increase in stats will be calculated first based on the sum of stats at the time of casting, rounded down, then classified as added stats. Percentage Stats will increase the stat by a percentage of the base total stat. Percentage stats are mostly found in:. It is added to singular percentage increases and not multiplied.

Final Stats is the non-percentage increases that are also not affected by percentages. There are only a few sources for this:. It is the hidden multiplier that will affect damage dealt. It varies based on the weapon worn and the job. For most jobs, it is not so important as most jobs only have 1 weapon to choose.

Essentially the damage bonus applied additively. It is applied across all attacks including soul weapon summons. The result is rounded off but when applied to the damage range, it is left in decimals. Final Damage is non exhaustive and each additional source will multiply on top of one another. It is usually only found in skills.

Certain skills can provide final damage bonuses to party members, as follows:. Ignore DEF is non exhaustive and each additional source will multiply on top of one another. Ignore DEF on the same equipment appearing multiple times, or skills with hyper passive to ignore DEF and 5th Job enhancement passive Level 40 , are treated as separate sources rather than added into 1 source. Certain skills also give Ignore DEF conditionally , these are only applied when conditions are met not shown in display. Such examples include:. Monsters may have a certain level of resistance towards certain elements.

Physical is also an element. In general, most bosses have strong resistance against all elements. Ignore Monster Elemental Resistance will be used to counter the resistance of the monster. These items listed below are slightly more special as they totally replace the critical rate by its value rather than to add on to the existing one. Critical Damage is multiplied only when it is a critical hit, which happens at the chance dictated by critical rate. For this section, assume non-critical and no effect due to monster DEF and monster elemental resistances.

Skills include: Character summons except Soul Weapon Summons , installed skills, attack skills. If the map requires a certain Star Force, if you did not meet the requirement your damage dealt will be reduced accordingly based on how far away are your Star Force from the requirement. Star Force can be obtained by Star Force Enhancement can be used only when all upgrade slots are used. If the map requires a certain Arcane Force, your damage dealt will be adjusted accordingly based on how far away are your Arcane Force from the requirement. There are 6 Arcane Symbols available.

Once there is sufficient number of Duplicate symbols, you can pay mesos to level up the Symbol. Each level up provides extra 10 Arcane Force. Abnormal Status Resistance reduces duration of Abnormal Status inflicted on you. Duration is shorter when your Abnormal Status Resistance is higher, at a reducing rate.

Duration of Abnormal Status are in exact time and not rounded down, so each percentage point of reduction will contribute to the duration even though it might just be a fraction of a second. Knockback Resistance , also known as Stance , is the chance of resisting small knockback when you are hit by monster attacks of minimum 1 damage except damage over time effects, which does not cause knockbacks. Certain monster attacks will also cause super knockback and pushes you a fair distance backwards, leaving you immobile until your invincibility after attack has ended.

However, for super knockbacks, it may or may not ignore knockback resistance. The Warrior Common 5th Job skill Impenetrable Skin and certain job skills will resist all knockbacks, including those attacks that ignore knockback resistance when the buff is active. Note that Attack Speed of the same category may have different Attack Speed values. To avoid confusion, the scale will be identified as "Attack Delay Level" as it may contradict that a lower attack speed actually means faster striking speed.

Based on the damage done by the bind skill , the bind duration varies. In simpler terms, for every 0. The exact same monster can be binded only once every 90 seconds by any bind skill with the duration extension mechanic. At a chance, cooldown is not applied.

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This stat is not applied to Hyper Skills, 5th Job Skills and skills which specifically states so. You can gain the chance by the following methods:. In general, to receive the absolute minimum damage according to the Defense logic Multiplied to the value of A Example: An initial value of A at 0. Note: Skills that have its own dodge mechanism will work before the regular avoidability formula.

Evasion rate boost works differently and only adds to the avoidability dodge rate. Refer to Ambition Trait for the basic loss. The total amount of Skill Points SP a character will have at any level varies per job. SP cannot be used across job advancements. Every job has its unique SP and AP skill list, since their active skills will differ from jobs and their skill upgrades will depend on its job skills.

Zero will not receive any Hyper Skill SP as they are the Transcendents of Time, so they will receive Transcedent Skills instead of Hyper Skills , which are automatically mastered when certain levels are met for the specific skills. Standard regular monsters have a standard amount of HP based on its level. In Reboot world, monsters will have enhanced HP and EXP compared to the exact same monsters in regular worlds , as follows.

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Experience EXP is mainly gained by killing monsters and other methods. Monsters will give a fixed value of EXP, which can be directly affected by comparing your level against the monster level, cursed runes, and accursed effects on the character. Not applicable to certain monsters. However, there are certain exceptions where you will not be affected by the cursed rune:.

When a monster inflicts an accursed effect on the character, the character receives half the EXP and is applied directly to the basic EXP. You can simply use an All Cure Potion to remove the curse or other similar methods to remove abnormal statuses, or wait for it to end. Party Level is calculated as the sum of the levels of all eligible members of the party.