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Biggest pet peeve is that therapists seldom apply enough pressure, even when told to massage deeper. Linda was hands down the absolute best massage therapist I've ever had in my entire life. Book with Linda and you will be thoroughly pleased. So pleased, that you won't care one bit how very bad your hair looks when you finally peel yourself off the massage table to leave. I love everything about Massage Envy in Florham Park! It's a slice of heaven right here on earth. The staff and facilities are simply the best. From the moment you walk through the door until you leave in a peaceful haze you are in good hands.

The front desk people Lisa, Billy and Quinn are friendly and helpful with cheerful smiles and warm hellos. The facilities are soothing with all the right accommodations. The best part of course are the therapists; Karen is a life saver.

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The hands down best!!!! She's able to melt away all the stress in my body. Who doesn't want that. Thank you!!!! Caitlin was very informative with describing all the products used in my facial as well as recommended products to sustain the results of the facial during the following month. Great Service. The staff is excellent. They are courteous, knowledgeable, and attentive. Every massage therapist is different, so I tried a few until I found the right one for me. I don't want YOU to take my favorite appointment time.

Katelyn was very helpful with my questions. Bought massage and facial gift certificate. My first time here. I want to recommend Lili! I get an occasional relaxation message but usually travel way south to someone I've seen for a couple years who does an amazing job. I was nervous about using someone random at Massage Envy and worried I would be pressed to buy a membership.

Whole experience was great! Lili gave an excellent massage. Girl at desk was friendly and laid back. I'm happy to find Lili a lot closer to my home and will be happy to go back to her. My massage experiences have always been magnificent, and the front desk is always pleasant and helpful, which is why I've given 5 stars.

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BUT my facial with Trudy was more than terrible. I was treated as if I was an object, and all she talked about through the session was products and trying to sell me anything she could. After my facial, the woman literally handed me a gratuity envelope with her name on it. Not sure if she does this with all of her facials, but I've never had a therapist basically tell me to tip them, then she was extremely pushy with the product sales, as if I hadn't already heard enough in my session, she then had the audacity to say to the front desk team "Who's going to take her?

Thankfully, I had a young lady say "I'd be more than happy to take care of you over here. If she had been my first session with Massage Envy, I would've never stepped foot in the place again. I understand I'm just one person, but WOW. This was my first experience with Massage Envy. I would give it 5 stars except for the fact that they turned my one hour massage into a half hour massage because I arrived late.

Great place to go, they take great care of you. The front desk staff are great, therapist are great and know what they are doing. What a great location to get massage done. Couldn't be more happy with my experience with Therapist Michael, Diamond, and most recently Bridgett. All very knowledgable and worked on the spots I needed most! Thanks so much and I will be returning for future appointments! I guarantee that if I ever were to leave, I'd come back for a membership just to enjoy the environment and the company here. I am new to Massage Envy but very happy with my experience there.

Demesha was my therapist and she was wonderful. She worked on what I told her was bothering me. I left there feeling very good. Every time I come here I get a great therapist. I saw the same person for a long time and when she left, every time I came back I had a great experience! Now I have moved away the the M. I have paid 4 visits to Coon Rapids Riverdale location and none of their therapists have come close! I miss going to Maple Grove! I have actually made the drive down there a few times with Chad and it's so worth the drive to have a good massage.

Good massages but I'm not a fan of the subscription model. They do offer one time visits, but the prices are quite a bit higher than other discount massage chains. I visited this location this week as I was in severe back pain. Autumn took great care of me. I can't wait for my next session. The staff are very professional, polite and courteous. My husband and I went to our first massage session, it was amazing! The massage wasn't to hard to where your in extreme pain at least for me.

Very relaxing, and relaxed the rest of the day and slept wonderful!

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My therapist was Brandon and my husbands was Caitlyn. Both very good, great experience all around!

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They people here are nice. I find that I never really get my full 60, 90, or minutes. I'm always 5 or 10 minutes short which is always disappointing. Also, they claim all therapists can do any type of massage, but I don't think some get deep enough sometimes. Other than that, they are all very nice and do a good job.

It hasn't stopped me from going yet. Everyone is friendly. I've been there 5 times now and have had a pleasant experience. April is outstanding, understands her job, knows the body and how to get the knots out. Great job. Have never had a bad experience with any of your staff, they have always gone the extra mile. This is easily my favorite massage place in Brooklyn. The staff is always helpful and friendly and my massages are always top quality. Nothing beats getting a full hour of deep tissue massage before the weekend. I'm loose as a goose after that!

The facilities are really clean and it's a franchise so you know there are standards in place. There's certainly no funny business going on at Massage Envy. I have been coming to this location for months, it has been the best ME experience. No matter which therapist I get, it's always a truly relaxing and wonderful experience! I disagree with the poor reviews, ive been going here for a few years, they do get a little upselly at times, but thats the nature of a business, but as far as quality of the massage and professionalism ive been satisfied with every therapist, my only recommendation to people is tell the therapist exactly what you want from the massage!

My last therapist joann was extremely personable and gave me the best massage experience ive ever had. Will continue to give them my business. Hope was so complaisunt and did a fanaminal job with a message tailored to my needs. With pressure right where I needed it. You could tell she really enjoyed her job. Five stars. I had such bad breakouts and was so conscientious about my face, I never felt like I could get my acne under control, when it would clear up for a short period of time I would be devastated at the amount of scarring.

Ever since starting to get facials at Massage Envy I feel confident and proud to show off how amazing my skin looks and feels! Any time I get asked where I get my facials done I always recommend Massage Envy because what they do works! Never have to wait; Calls always answered; great ambiance; super therapists. Location clean and comfortable. Mark was delightful and helpful.

Jess P was one of the best massages I have ever enjoyed! I have been going monthly to this location for the past few months. Keyla is a great therapist. The front desk staff is always friendly and welcoming and try their best accommodate my future appointments. They have also been very friendly and helpful when I've had to reschedule my appointments. Keep up the good work and thank you for all you do. If you need an amazing massage, I highly recommend Naomi at Massage Envy. I had a full body deep tissue and I feel like a new woman now.

She's absolutely phenomenal. The women at the front desk were so helpful and welcoming. My entire experience was wonderful. Great place for a massage once you've picked the therapist best for you. Their office staff are very friendly, but their on-line scheduling system is terrible.

My adult daughter and I had a massage in the same room with Raquel and Stanley. We were both extremely happy with our massages. The room was clean and quiet and the beds were heated perfectly. They were both nice about checking with us on the level of pressure they were using. They were extremely professional and thorough and we were very happy with our first experience at Massage Envy in Garden City.

Always fantastic, I have been a member for years and have never been disappointed. I live in Beavercreek and love this location. The staff at the front counter were not really welcoming but the massage specialist were very nice and professional. Been going for almost 2 years.. But I do like that if I don't go then I can trun a hour into 90 mins and don't have to pay more. I had the best massage from a nice gal. She was really aggressive and that's what I need. I stress a lot and worry a lot which put me through the grinder!

I got THE best and hardest working deep tissue therapist here, named Michael!! This is a RARE find. Talk about he really doesn't slack! Puts his heart and Soul into his work.

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He effectively used both his thumbs and elbows to focus the pressure on the exact spots needing most muscle release. He's also an amazing healer, whether he's aware of that rare quality or not. He intuitively feels where my pain has accumulated and applies the most effective, yet least painful technique to stretch out surrounding muscles and separate the fascia. I'm back to my normal, pain-free, relaxed self : big thumps up!! They have a lot of different Massage Therapists, each with their own style.

I have seen about 4 different ones that they call a medium to deep pressure and they have all been great! They all listen to what I want worked on which is nice. I usually come here about once a month to once every two months depending on how I am feeling, but they always greet me by name and offer water. The dim lights, music and the warm bed really add to the massage as well. LOVE this location!! LOVE Carol!! I cannot wait for my massage each month. She is not the kind of therapist you would expect to find hidden at Massage Envy.

Make an appointment--she stays busy! I have been going to Massage Envy every week for one year and it was a little bumpy at first. I see some reviews that were what I had experienced at first. But after talking with Rachel the manager about my concerns, she took care of all the issues and also hooked me up with a great therapist. Who then recommended others therapists that would fit my needs. I need massage for different medical issues so I needed a therapist that was experienced. I am very happy and satisfied with the services. The staff are very accommodating and the price is affordable.

My first massage and facial. I truly enjoyed my experience with Candi and Autumn. They were both informative and calming. My face felt so clean and refreshed afterwards. My massage was great definitely going back will ask for deeper pressure next time.

This may replace my Starbucks habit. So worth it. First time having a massage in a long long time. I have been having rotator cuff issues and after going to physical therapy and it causing mire pain I thought that I might try getting massages along with the PT. Well so far knock on wood my shoulder already feels better and I have only been once!

Thanks Ashley! Jake Lewis is the most in-tune massage therapist I've had in quite some time. Very professional and thorough. The location is beautiful. Wonderful therapists and wonderful front desk team. I came here today to get the prenatal massage and it was wonderful. All the staff are friendly and helpful. Also doesn't cost too much. Today was my first time visiting. I got a 1-hour full body massage by Jenny and I fell in love.

She made me feel very comfortable and she was so friendly to me. I would defiantly recommend going to this place. Very calming and peaceful and customer oriented. You won't regret it! I've never had a bad massage here. If you like deep tissue, Oriana gives the best deep tissue massages I have ever had. I work out hard, and I have a type A personality, so I carry a lot of tension in my neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Always had great customer service and never had issues with scheduling. You do need to sched about a month in advance. If they are busy they are good! Great Experience! Staff was wonderful. I felt really relaxed during the whole visit! Front desk staff is incredibly friendly and efficient. Simply leave a message and they will contact you within a few minutes to set you up with an appointment.

Sarah, one of their managers, is very welcoming and has a warm personality.

They were even nice enough to make a donation for an event being held by the Junior League of Jacksonville. They are very generous within the community and have ranked 1 in massage envy stores in the nation for a reason! Absolutely recommend a massage at this location. Great massages When you can get in. They typically book up weeks in advance. I am a Massage Envy member at this location. This past weekend I was traveling with my mom and to relax I took my mom to the Massage Envy in Williamsburg, VA for her very first massage ever.

What a mistake, I should have waited for the opportunity to take her to the Massage Envy in Fayetteville. My experience in Williamsburg was ok, just ok. I am looking forward to seeing Hazel this week to work out all the sore spots that should have been addressed this weekend. I get an hour and a half message from here once a month.

It's the best part of my month. Great location friendly staff and David the therapist did amazing job. Shermese and Maddie are the best! So are all the people at the front desk. I've been a member for almost 5 years now and will never think of going anywhere else! Massage Envy is awesome! I am always extremely satisfied and never worried about the therapist I get as they are all so wonderful.

I highly recommend this location! Love this location! They are so friendly and welcoming as soon as you walk in, they remember you and greet you by name! Every therapist I have had here has been phenomenal and exactly what I needed, before my first session they took the time to get to know what I needed so now I am paired with the right person every time.

I would recommend this place to any of my friends! If you haven't visited this place yet I really would, you won't regret it. Had a massage yesterday by Mari let me tell you it was amazing my husband sent me up an appointment I've had back pain since I was pregnant with my daughter she is now 8 months so for the past year I've had back pain now I can say I don't and I feel amazing!!!

Defently going back, the front desk was great too!! Everyone was very friendly and it was very clean also!! Very professional care! Great value and tranquil atmosphere. I've not had a poor experience ever, and going on two years membership now. Richard is my massage therapist! I've used other therapists there also and not one has been disappointing. Facials are also on the menu and I would highly recommend this option! Stephanie, usually greets me at the front desk and always makes sure I'm happy and comfortable, before and after massage. Little known secret in Huntsville, AL.

Naomi is the best masseuse I've ever had - deep tissue especially! Had many masseuses before but will have no one else after being with her for 2 months. I go back every 2 weeks cause she cares about her clients and goes the extra mile for them. Thanks Naomi! I had my first massage from here this evening. I have never felt so relaxed. You got every nook that needed work.

I will for sure, be coming back here soon. Kudos to you. As well the girl up front was very welcoming and kind. Thank You all. This place is great, Twice now I have called to see if there was an opening and both times they have got me in. The only thing I wish was that the monthly membership extended to family rather than just an individual. That is about the only thing that could make this place better. If your a big guy or just need some deep tissue massages Kurt is your guy.

My visits have been fantastic and the staff wonderful. The individual attention to certain needs is amazing and a great way to stay healthy when combined with a chiropractor and exercise. Sergio is the best of the best. I started my membership last year in another state and set up appointments for once a month.

Like anyone else, I got use to the massage therapist at that particular location and was hesitant about trying a new spot. I mean, let's be real, there are a thousand places of business under one name, but the service varies. This has been my second visit to the Northville location and thank God I did; Darius is a magician! Always professional, kind, and pays attention to my problem areas. Excellent service.

Receptionist courteous and informative. Massage Therapist, Ronnie, exceptionally knowledgeable, reviewed my medical limitations, and addressed my requests. Will recommend to friends and family. Will go back. I get a facial here on a monthly basis. Of course, I've probably misspelled her name! She is incredible!

She is thorough, extremely competent, and my skin looks fabulous! I've been doing this for about a year and will continue to do so! The staff at the front desk are very friendly and greet me by name. I've never, ever had a problem here and I've been here for massage and facials for about 1. Regardless of who I have, they are professional and very skilled. I've done the deep tissue and hot stone. I always do a 2-hour and sleep like a baby! When I've injured myself who knows how! I'm extremely pleased with this Massage Envy and would recommend it to friends, family, and you!

I have been getting massages for a long time, never tried the hot stone therapy but it almost replaces having acupuncture done. The whole spa experience is amazing. Starting with the tranquility room where I had the chance to relax in front of the fireplace before I received a phenomenal massage from Betsy. Talking to the sales associate prior to my massage made me feel even more at ease when I went back. I would definitely recommend visiting the Mays Landing location. I'm getting older and my recovery time from training takes much longer now.

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I went here to get a sports massage to help my recovery. I love this massage envy!! Everything about my visit gleamed with professionalism and attention to detail. I was greeted by name upon arrival and I was back in my room for a massage before I knew it. By the way, their tranquility room has a great tea selection.

My therapist, Melissa, was very courteous and asked if there were any worry some areas I wanted her to work on. After sitting at a desk all day for 8 hours, I think we can all agree I hurt all over! I left my massage feeling fully refreshed and finally relaxed, this truly was the best way to end my hectic day.

Such a relaxing experiences, the front desk ladies are always so friendly and kind. All of my massages have been so amazing. I really enjoy the fact that I can try out multiple massage therapist. Each one has their own perfect touch. Thank you Massage Envy! First time having a full body massage and it was awesome I like to say thank you to my daughter Tiffany for setting this appointment for me on my birthday this was a perfect gift. I have had massages with both Jenni and Charlye and they are both great and professional.

They will focus on whatever area I am having difficulty with at the time or if I just want a basic massage they will do that. I've been a member for over a year. Mom just had it done Ask 4 Stephanie Mom says. Facial was excellent and I have received multiple massages all of which are good to excellent. This was not announced or let me know prior to this occurring.

Small amount but good to take into account. Excellent staff! Front desk is always helpful and greets me by name when I walk through the door. I love to get not only massages, but the facials as well! Always very professional and relaxing. I highly recommend this location. Absolutely loved my experience!!!

The two front desk associates were super friendly and very thorough in explaining my session and how it was going to be it was my first massage ever. The massage itself was great and I totally would recommend Deb if you have a lot of knots in your back! I got the wellness membership and can't wait to have my next session! First time every coming to massage envy, can't wait for my next appointment. The ladies at the front desk are very professional. My massage therapist Dianna did a wonderful job, would highly recommend her.

Not really that great. Not bad either. The girl was very nice. Not mentioning names. Very light pressure though. I'm more medium to deep pressure. I was told she could do whatever. Not really correct. Started late, ended a little early. Just 7 minutes early though.

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Books up reallllly quick. Like 3 days early. I could only get an hour instead of an hour and a half. Probably a good thing. Front desk girls didn't really impress me. Wasn't asked about aroma therapy. Overall just meh Not very memorable. I went to Massage Envy and I saw Amy. I was very pleased. I was having severe sciatic issues. She worked on me for an hour. I felt like a new person when I came out. I have worked with my doctor to get it approved so that I can go monthly on my flex spending for I have recommended Massage Envy to my co-workers and friends. They are terrific.

Very professional. In the past the customer service was perfunctory. In it started to become quite amazing and has continued to do so. From Business: Whether you're seeking relief for a medical condition, searching for a method to help deal with the stresses of daily life or wanting to maintain good health,…. From Business: Greatly Experienced and very in tune. I was trained many years ago at Central Sun, as well as in Florida. Clean Environment Acupressure, Shiatsu, Thai…. Peter Cobb Lmbt Massage Therapists. View all 2 Locations. Zen Massage Massage Therapists.

BBB Rating: A. Website Services. View all 4 Locations. Newlife Wellness Ctr Massage Therapists.