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Hurry, offer ends November 11th.

Affordable internet service from RCN Boston

Is Fios available at your address? Zip Code. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming. Could you try your address again? We may need additional information to determine Fios availability for your address.

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Retry Address. Fios by Verizon brings you reliable, fiber-fast home services. In a contract? Get the latest special offers from Fios by Verizon. Better Browsing. Better Streaming. Better Everything. It sure is a rip off and waste of my money. The service sucks, I can barely watch videos on my phone as the connection is horrible. Not to mention I have Verizon Wireless as well that sucks too!

In October when my wireless is up I do plan to switch out of Verizon Wireless and very shortly plan to leave their internet service as well. I think people hype them up to be something that they are not. When I tried to call customer service about my connection problems.

All they do is want you to spend more money with them on either upgrading which I fell for before and essentially am paying more money for even more crappy service or pay for another device. All they want is their money every month and their help is suggesting to spend even more money with them. I honestly would not recommend them to anyone.

Both Fios and wireless customer service is horrible and their regular services that you pay for every month is horrible! Too much money for crappy crappy service! I am still kicking myself in the ass. I was put in a contract without my knowledge, and the promotions last for a short time six months which i was also not notified about. Donot got with Frontier unless you want to get ripped off like me.

Verizon is so frustrating! I pay hundreds of dollars a month and can only get service in 3 of my 4 bedrooms without having to purchase an extra extender! The customer service reps are generally polite but they have zero authority to keep their customers happy. You need to remove your hard earned money from their coffers instead of lamenting the lack of service. Horrible service and nobody to complain. Tried to call customer service that was extremely rude and told me that I have to pay regardless of what I have been told. Supervisor Liz was absolutely rude and obnoxious.

God Awful.. I call once a week to get my internet service fixed, and most of the reps just try to pass the buck by sending out a tech. Cant wait till my contract is up so i can return to Comcast. Very disappointed in all my interactions with customer service. Took 5 months for them to remove the router I returned finally got a rep that knew what they were doing.

Fios sucks!! Every other month I have a new fee to pay! Mind you I only have internet and cable, No phone!! They also renewed my 2 year contract without me knowing. Ready to switch to Cox and talk to the damn remote! Called and they said that was the best they could do.

More Boston neighborhoods can now get Verizon Fios as fiber-optic rollout continues

Fios gets installed tomorrow. Goodbye XFinity, you greedy pigs. I mean what are the fees etc.. Fios should change the name to Fraud!! Persistent liars!! Time for a class action Law suit to bring justice to all customers who were promised rebates and gadgets at time of enrollment and Fios never fulfilled any of them!!

I have been a customer for 11 years and now have no contract. I have had wireless router issues for a while so I called support to fix the router. They then quoted me a price for a contract and confirmed 3 times that the new router would be arriving in business days. So we signed. Well — the new router never arrived and now when I call them back they say that the new contract never included a new router! Even though they said one was on its way three times! Watch out for them.

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They will screw you if they can. Buyer beware! I have heard that you must have your land line disconnected if you have FIOS. Is it possible to keep your land line and phone number from Verizon and have a fios internet only connection as well. I am trying to cut the cord have internet fios only with out having to sacrifice my land line and phone number which are now with verizon.

Get Spectrum if you can.

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If they would allow the Discovery Go apps, then I would stay with Verizon. Time to switch back to Comcast. Since we moved into our house in we have had phone service via 2 copper landlines i. One main reason we have kept them is because when the power goes out, even for extended periods, the phone lines almost always continue working.

Articles on Verizon Fios

On the afternoon of Friday Jan 19, , a salesperson representing Verizon knocked on our door. He kept trying to talk to me as re-entered my house and closed the door. Our second line worked fine. Unfortunately, no one at Verizon was answering a request for repair call on Saturday, So I had to wait until Monday to request repair service. When I finally, after over 20 minutes waiting, got a person to request repair, I was told that they refused to repair my copper service, and I must change over to FIOS to keep my phone service.

Switch to Vonage. As long as you have an internet connection, all you need do is plug in their box. Both Verizon and Comcast attract new customers with big discount 12 or 24 month agreements some 2 year deals have slightly less discount in months , so watch out for that but rarely will them come close to the new customer discounts for existing customers once the agreement is up. For 7 yrs I dealt with one lie after another and I offered to buy my own modem so my bill could go down and the rep. Feb This article is stale and needs to be updated.

They are now offering free install in my area and speeds of almost 1 Gb up and down. Pay bout a month smh we gotta do better. Decided to contact Optimum my current TV provider and Verizon my landlineInternet provider to unify all series to one provider. Customer service which I think was Sales with both companies seems professional even though information. After wasting a half day, my decision is to stay with current providers for the services they provide.

Comcast Xfinity vs. Verizon Fios: Which TV and Internet Provider Is Better?

My experience with Optimum has been excellent for years. However, I will wait for the bugs to be worked out before I migrate to Altice. It has become clear that Verizon is no longer committed to their copper wire customers preferring to push FIOS. WORST experience ever! Next few months they kept sending promo mails saying FIOS is finally available in our building.

Internet Service Provider in Boston, MA | Find Plans in Your Area | Verizon Fios

The guy on the phone was rude and never sounded professional. They sent the equipment, and the technicians came on the agreed date and time but they said they needed to drill the wall and for that I had to get permission from the landlord. I asked them to contact my landlord because it was their job to sell their product, not mine. They never did. I did and my landlord did not give me permission to drill the walls. After hours of talking on the phone it became obvious they would never take responsibility. Some small business owners agree and say the service will help them run their businesses better.

But some observers are skeptical. It may be that Boston will be able to do a better job. The city said it has agreed to expedite the permitting process to ease the implementation of Fios in Boston. It will also begin the cable licensing process to allow Verizon to offer its Fios television service in Boston.