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Thank you Georgetta Robinette Salyersville Ky. Store located at Plantation Dr. There is another dollar store in my neighborhood which I never frequent because I like my Family Dollar. Friendly and convenient.

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Thank you and keep up the great work. We have a few Family Dollars that I can pick to shop at, but I wont go to any of them except the one in Poland, Maine. And the people that work in the Poland store are the nicest people around. You go in and they always have a smile, joke with you, even tell us jokes, dirty ones LOL.

You go into the Gray store, they follow you around like you are gonna steal, and make you very uncomfortable. They had one woman in charge that did nothing but seat outside smoking one after the other. Thank God she is gone. But the one that took her place was just as bad.

They are building a new store in Gray. They really do need to watch everyone that works there. Sherry Brown of Raymond, Maine.

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Thank you for having great people and prices in Poland, Maine!!!!!! I have a problem because I do not, yet, own a printer to copy coupons!

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Any advise? Get New Family Dollar Offers. Get Offer.

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Details: Enter your zip code to get the latest coupons in your area. Older coupons state that they are redeemable at Canadian Tire stores and gas stations ; however, coupons produced during at least the last 15 years lack this wording and are therefore redeemable in the stores only. It can also be used to cover the sales tax on the purchases, since it is accepted as cash after the taxes are calculated.

Also, even if a purchase was made entirely in these coupons, it is also considered as a cash purchase and more coupons will be calculated and paid out. In Ontario , the Retail Sales Tax law and Bulletins state that the "coupon must be reimbursed by the franchisee". By submitting them to other merchants, the merchants were in essence breaking Ontario law when they failed to include the discount in the value of the goods being calculated for being taxed. Some merchants were accepting Canadian Tire money as a discount, but then were not calculating and remitting the sales taxes, as required by law, and then were getting fined for the practice; this is an ongoing issue.

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In , Canadian Tire began a pilot program to make its money "plastic", to make it into a more manageable and trackable loyalty program. The reward rate for purchases at other stores is 0. The revision of included the introduction of four lower values 1 to 4 cents , and 12 higher denominations, including 35 and 60 cents.

CTM coupons are now produced in denominations of 5-, , 25 and 50 cents and one and two-dollars. The latter can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted and earns Canadian Tire money no matter where it is used to make a purchase, anywhere in the world. CTM is treated as real currency by the franchise and cannot be directly exchanged for real Canadian currency for customers. If an item bought with Canadian Tire money is returned the customer receives either Canadian Tire money back or is given the amount on a gift card. If an item is bought with cash or card and is returned for a refund the customer receives the refund less the value of the CTM issued on the item unless the CTM is also returned.

Another similar deal followed in coinciding with the Olympic Winter Games , with a three coin winter collection. The coins can be spent in the same manner as conventional CTM. A cent note was released by the company between June 30 and July 2, to celebrate the th birthday of the Confederation of Canada in as part of national festivities.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Canadian retail loyalty program. Canada portal Money portal Numismatics portal. I live in California and am afraid that I will not be able to get the work experience under a CPA given my career path. What can I do? Hi Bryce!

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Your guides have been very helpful and I thank you for that! I just want to confirm on what ScottyB mentioned. Thank you very much! I appreciate your help!

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My advice would be to pay for 2 exams at a time so you only have to pay the application fee twice. Cheers, Bryce. Hi Alice, You will have to pay the registration fee everytime you pay for another section s of the exam and get a new NTS. CHeers, Bryce. So I applied to take only REG I wasn't sure when I would be able to pay for the others and was hesitant to sign up for them in case I didn't have the money to pay for them within the required window after getting approval. I now can afford to take the others it's been less than a year since I applied.

Actually, you are doing the smart thing by signing up one at a time! I always tell people to register for one or two sections at a time because signing up for all four at once ends up costing you more money.