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Johnny Mercer 's version of the song placed 4 on the Billboard airplay chart in The same season, a version by Perry Como hit the retail top ten; Como would re-record the song for his Christmas album. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the song. For other uses, see Winter Wonderland disambiguation. The Religion World. Orlando Sentinel.

Archived from the original on January 19, Retrieved June 10, Single Top It's why Canada needs to fully decouple devices from wireless service plans. Why is that price-gouging fraud still permitted? There is a current Lawsuit for just that CRTCforum transparency You can sign up for our alerts and we will let you know if a better plan for your needs becomes available.

I was supposed to get 1 gbps speed but my speed was not more than mbps. Calling them about it just wasted time. She skipped my neighbour who is already paying Rogers. Shady business CRTCforum It was a pleasure presenting at the CRTCforum with so many other orgs doing such important work! Every call they tell me it was removed. They lie! I use the phone sporadically, mostly when I am in remote locations. I have left them each time I found an alternative.

Both providers reserve the right to arbitrarily increase plan pricing in fine print. I can't stand their constant abuse. I can't stand BigTelecom's abuse anymore! Speak out against abuse from Big Telecom! Diane Moreau SalesMoreau I was having problems with Bell cable no internet service in Clarence Creek, I called Tech, which call center in India, criminal country of scams, they were rude, f I later noticed I was being charged for a service that a I already had from an other ISP, and b wasn't hooked up by Telus.

No money has been returned. They're then posted online the next morning services. Pipe court reporter output to public-facing endpoint. Add quality disclaimer. Better-than-now state achieved. Only Business allowed to repeat infractions over and over without anyone mandated to enforce the rules. Bell is biggest offender with worst CustomerService record Salesman asked, because no one trusted them anymore because of this.

Steven James May stevenjmay Teksavvy, featuring janetlo, is now up to bat. So their advertised speeds often not met. Greg O'Brien gregobr I like the order of appearance with this hearing. From consumers, to the advocacy groups to independent carriers to the big guys. Ben Klass BenKlass Watching from home today. Have you experienced misleading or aggressive sales practices from a telecom service provider? Tell us about it! For it to be effective, it requires a concomitant obligation that providers give information ie consumers can ask very educated Qs but if they don't get an A, education alone won't create informed consumers CRTCforum Jeffrey Beatty macjbby Wish to see "CC" on it!

Thank for tweets! If you've experienced misleading or aggressive sales practices from a telecom service provider, tell them about it! You can participate until Friday. CRTC says not their mandate? Who's is it? Jeffrey Beatty macjbby Indeed, Today our generations! Greg O'Brien gregobr Seems like Tbaytel is telling the CRTCeng that any new telecom sales practices code should only apply to the large operators and not smaller ones like them and Eastlink, etc.

Or are those failures to honour promises done on purpose? CRTCForum wireless telecom Jeffrey Beatty macjbby Bit of ironically! Technology is here! Andrew Robertson andalerob Just yesterday I had a Bell rep try to discredit TekSavvy by saying it's just a third-party company, and aggressively try to convince me that 15 Mbps down would be better for me than the Mbps plan I have with you.

I called in to have my cell number changed. Scott M. If it shouldn't count for smaller operators does that also apply to small MVNOs owned by the big companies Lucky, Citifone, etc? It'd be interesting to see how they think that should be defined. See: Rogers broke promise on credit check, lawsuit claims thestar. Greg O'Brien gregobr I think they would define it by owner, so the flanker brands of the big guys would have to abide. And thanks for the Cityfone reminder. I had forgotten about that Rogers brand. Jeffrey Beatty macjbby It is a waste of money and resources on flanker brands!

Alexis G lexomatic CRTCforum sales people misrepresented fiber service to the node as service to the home to family. Escalation officers admitted in later call. Most people wouldn't know the difference. It probably happens all the time. I have zero faith the telecom industry is capable of governing itself. You see. No open market in Canada! Greg O'Brien gregobr Natalie MacDonald of Eastlink points out a potential problem with a mandated "cooling off" period - that the competitor who lost the customer might hyper target that newly departed customer with aggressive deals to win back.

CRTCforum act. Should CRTC ban inferior capacity service? Finding a way to codify some way to dissuade deals with unpublished rates might accomplish the goal. Tell CRTCeng using the crtcforum hashtag! And this must go on the official record, so CRTCforum Never receive a contract and no information mentioned about it being a short term promo and then being billed at full for the phone. Refused to provide recording of call. Was salesperson misleading? OpenMedia The number of interventions are low, so nor problem. The big Telco's will agree. What I didn't count on was daily sometimes multiple times daily marketing calls.

I had to get rude and obnoxious to make it stop. Talking crtcforum telecom and raising the bar for all consumers. CJ theCVIV During the outage last week, RogersHelps canned answers were to the point of mocking people for not being 1st party customers of themselves when all anyone wanted was an idea of when their internet would be back.

Eric Daigle EBDaigle Tweeting to be part of the public record for the appalling customer service practice of cogeco who continue to charge me for an account I've cancelled 4 times and who've put me on hold for well over 5 hours in the process. If you want action, bring it up before Elxn43 or our price-gouging monopolies will pad pockets CdnPoli before you get heard.

Speedtests on a 25mbps service consistently returned mbps. Usual BS from Rogers. Switched to TS. Jess Sheppard jessheps It's pretty alarming that you are STILL dealing with this after months of being forced to jump through cogeco's bureaucratic hoops and repeatedly being assured the issue was resolved. And I'm sure there are many others in the same boat. CRTCforum cogeco Greg O'Brien gregobr 2. Not isolated cases. They won't be the last to do that.

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Greg O'Brien gregobr Not that we're surprised, but Videotron is laying all of the blame for lousy telecom sales practices at Bell's feet. Commissioner Miner fanCRTCProfling I called Tron to get a contract for wifes parents they told me a new contract was involved both the rep and retention refused to give a hard copy paper copy via Canada Post. Said Email only. It never came called twice, same result. Wireless Code only calls for 15 days. The Truth Please Otherwise they will continue doing what they want. CRTCforum monopoly Telus will be interesting later on But Bell is playing the law stating they are not door-to-door salespeople, they don't even bother getting a door-to-door permit as they go door-to-door.

Thus the Videotron lawsuit. While some may well be "better", none are absolved of poor service issues. James A. Jeffrey Beatty macjbby Indeed, An eyes opening for you all to see! Most of those costs would have been one time charges they could write off as well. A quick look at their website giant 1. Please cogeco, stop lying to the commission about your practices. The online consultation was inaccessible in many ways, as was the hearing itself. Thanks, deaftravel for your work on this!

Steve Faguy fagstein The last time I called Videotron for a customer service issue because I got an email that directly contradicted what was agreed to on a previous call I asked for an email to get written confirmation of an order. The customer service rep said they can't do that. Ryan Feeley ryanfeeley Somewhere on my lufthansa red eye flight to Munich I turned my phone on in anticipation of landing. Connecting to a mobile roaming provider should require consent. Option consommateurs OptionConso Have you ever experienced any aggressive or misleading sales practices with your telecommunication service provider?

Tell us about it with CRTCforum crtc. Love hearing the witnesses and Commissioners flipping back and forth between English and French, sometimes mid-sentence, during CRTC examination of Videotron in the Sales Practices hearing. JMJimmy JMJimmy1 One question that is not being asked is how long does the average customer who goes to the office of the president spend dealing with an issue? It's unacceptable. Also, Cogeco define it differently from others, so to them they have none per their definition of it.

Could be installation headaches but smooth sailing afterwards. It is 2. But hey - take the credit. But some of those others might have a different POV by the time they face the commissioners tomorrow What could go wrong? When you calculate such costs soft costs form the bulk.

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I'd like the Commissioners to push them on that, but it likely won't occur. They seem like they are pitching softballs to the Telcos presenting. Haven't head hard pressure yet. Or I think they made the confidential in its filing.

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Wondering if the commissioners will ask Telus their of annual complaints. Jeffrey Beatty macjbby Disgraced! Using as confidential in its filing doesn't serve us right at all! Who is paying? We all do! Get a bill out then within 2 days. Some CodeOfConduct! These folks are living in la-la land courtesy of CRTCeng and think that they are "just fine driving great customer experiences".

TELUS just said it: consumers are confused! And the CCTS is just fine. Maybe also a problem with grip on reality It is status quo that they put in front of us. Ben Klass BenKlass Telus likes Ipsos polls when it gives them good ratings, when it shows telecoms in a bad light, Ipsos polls are garbage crtcforum business. BiblioSiren BiblioSiren. For homes, the drop wire is only installed when customer orders. Needs to be included as part of public record for CRTCforum. The CRTC's engagement platform was very difficult to navigate - inaccessible to seniors or anyone who is not digitally proficient and infinitely patient.

I'd be happy to get fibre as both ShawInfo and Telus have it 2 km from my rural home They just want to ignore low-density rural areas. I can delete spam email. But I have to get up, answer the door and argued that I am really not interested and tell the guy to leave. Eric Edora EricEdora Maybe it's because the product is good fibre versus a vacuum or a person knocking on your door wanting to switch out your water heater.

Kellie-Ann Barry RadicalReviews Tried to cancel my Bell services, was told they could offer me a small discount for a year. The discount showed up on my bill ONCE, and then my prices went back up. Since it was a phone call I have no proof. The Wire Report thewirereport. Erik Bleich theerikbleich Shortly after signing my latest contract, Rogers contacts me early on a Saturday morning with an offer to up-sell their data plan. Marcus Orilius marcocanb The problem isn't telecom like Rogers or BellMobility it's CRTC that makes the choice to not make rules that would better reflect the rest of the planets, in fact they hinder the ability of others to break into the market and fix shit CRTCforum Nope, blathering crap to Senators who also do nothing.

Very poor optics. BellSucks bit. Use the hashtag CRTCforum to ensure your comments, questions, or complaints are included. Canada telecommunications Grab their business card and it'll probably say Rogers Authorized Dealer on it. I worked for authorized dealers for years so I've witnessed it firsthand. How many are there? Why do the telcos need to push this selling to authorized dealers - are they trying to conceal this bad behaviour? Annie comedyflyer CRTCforum another attempt to make it look like Rogers is doing me a favour-their math does not add up-the service I signed for is more than enough for my needs-why Rogers are you trying to break the contract?

Guessing the same for Bell and Rogers. Greg O'Brien gregobr So shaw wants to ban thrid-party door-to-door sales companies. Any door-knockers would have to be company employees. And for the CRTCeng to consider a "can-knock" list. Thanks to all who tweeted us their experience with telecom sales practices! Keep them coming: you have until the end of the hearing today to tell us your story in characters. CRTCForum dudewhereismytv. Walmart has a third party company OSL handle mobile sales, due to complexity. The employees receive training from the telcos, it sounds like.

No way for pre-sales practices - info omission, obfuscation, poor quality information, no details, etc. Credit Bureau Reporting during Open Complaints? Lisa Anderson deaftravel I was asking because I might do a series of tweets. My last two meetings are today I could find time to tweet a series to get some more of our views in for crtcforum Greg O'Brien gregobr Had a quick look for such videos from some of the other carriers.

Didn't see any. Can you please point them out to me? Provision of written copies of online chats - suggest default to automatic delivery, not upon request. Getting to privacy person at incumbent is said to be easy. I had to email a Rogers VP to find out contact info for a Fido privacy commish after trying for a month. Mostly lies, without recourse.

Lists that are internal to an incumbent whose existence is not made public are useless. Banning price increase despite fixed rebate. Greg O'Brien gregobr FreedomMobile's Button notes the day trial period in the Wireless Code causes "predatory" practices by the incumbent wireless companies, who aggressively try to win back customers who leave for Freedom and are in that window. Esp difficult for lots of vulnerable groups. People should have the choice on when they want to engage with their service provider, they said.

Greg O'Brien gregobr That said, Shaw is the entrenched TV and broadband incumbent which Telus is using door-to-door sales to win their customers away. I think Telus said yesterday that it gained subs in a week, many via door-to-door? For ex: are there pockets of the country where turnover is higher? Do these link to locations of complaints? I told them I did not order the former and neither ordered nor received the latter.

They are refusing to give me a copy of the phone conversation where it's alleged I did. Teresa RessyM Was never asked any of these questions Rogers says they ask their customers to find the right package for them.. Teresa RessyM Wow.. There seems to be a massive disconnect between Roger's front end and Roger's management. Offers Denied Billing Intimidation!

Teresa RessyM My issues were never fixed, and I never got refunds for lost movie purchases due to a technical issue they couldn't fix. Techs rolled kept saying it was an issue with the local node, and there was nothing they could do, but Rogers mgmt kept sending techs. CRTCForum Our focus grps don't relate to 'problem' initially, but if when asked, "have you ever been had to call, etc.? What's overly aggressive vs what's regular aggressive behaviour? She's sticking with the question. A few times now. Teresa RessyM Finally just gave up, and didn't bother buying any movies again to watch, because the box would crash and I'd lose access to all purchases made, and Rogers just wouldn't refund.

Agree, it's hard work. However, effort is not what's being assessed, afterall. That shouldn't happen. Like, at all. Hidden is proportion of 'interactions': one problem getting resolved. Teresa RessyM I went to my gramma's for holiday dinner a few years ago. Of course, I get to fix tech stuff for her. I went to set up her new refurb laptop to her wifi for the internet service she'd had for over a year, and hadn't been able to use And couldn't get it working. Teresa RessyM I had to get added to the account to be able to speak to Rogers to attempt to get it fixed, and go through nonsense to get someone out to fix it.

They kept blaming the wifi, despite the modem was completely dead. On Tuesday I asked when this year's Communications Monitoring Rpt will be out but have yet to hear back. That result would suggest 1. But, there have only been 50K in the last five years. Implication is that survey itself brings these problems to surface. Found the BCE Exec Team didn't do as their self-regulating code of conduct indicated, and they simply blocked me when found at fault Ben Klass BenKlass It sounds awful to work in a telecom call centre. That way. When commissions are involved, imcumbentbhas kess stake when a customer cancels.

Greg O'Brien gregobr Laizner is really holding Rogers feet to the fire here. Asking and re-asking questions about what Rogers is finding wrong in its own sales channels when it does its own secret shopping. Simon Blain simblain Having worked in the industry, I can tell you that this will not bring any changes. That's where our work lands, in "information gathering" piece.

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Should be documentation at info gathering stage. Greg O'Brien gregobr But we keep seeing all these complaints from people, says commissioner Laizner to Rogers, so "do you think your practices are effective? We are mapping these paths as an entire loop. But if the Commission believes broad Code is needed, Can't amortize over an additional 12 months.

Very frustrating to hear about costs to the company rather than importance of the outcomes for Consumers CRTCForum What's your preference on process Rogers : "We would prefer an undertaking to give it more considered thought. And they will send them to you, in weeks! Because when you complain about being offered something, they all claim they can't find the call And CCTS complained about it taking something like 6 months to get them Teresa RessyM Really?

Somehow I don't believe that at all. Teresa RessyM Just because the Property Management offers to let them come into the building, doesn't mean the renter appreciates you guys coming to the door, and not always taking "No" as an answer. Also, doesn't help many of them are 3rd party, and don't work for Rogers. Teresa RessyM Part of my escalation process with Rogers included a front line person informing me the manager was on another call, and that I'd get a callback..

Over and over was promised, seemingly just to get off the phone. Never got a callback. Teresa RessyM The only time I talked to a manager, was when the Office of the President did a 3 way call, and then handed me to the manager. At which point, they just sent a 6th tech who couldn't do anything. I ended up giving up because they just didn't care about fixing my issue. Why did it make it complex in first place? And after how many times will people stop believing incumbents who say they are working on simplifying packages?

Smiling Idiot asmilingidiot Except if the call makes them look bad. In that case you will be told that the call was not recorded not able to locate CRTCforum Greg O'Brien gregobr Rogers home phone is IP-delivered, so I'm guessing the reps are used to selling Internet with it and with everything , when they do the sale.

We are moving in this direction now. Transcripts are even better. Difficile pour la gestion personnelle Frankie Frankieleohart CRTCforum Rogers is often evading responsability, ill informed customer service reps lie and then upsell clients who have a hard time with data use managment. I've been lied to twice while dealing with their technical difficulties, and upsaled twice coincidentally Frankie Frankieleohart CRTCforum lies such as "your data cycle always restarts on the first of each month" BLATANT lie, used to reassure me when I asked for reimbursement when cycle I had asked to be changed from 9th of month to first never happened and I was charged overcharge Frankie Frankieleohart CRTCforum I had gone through with Rogers' online assistance once, been told black on white that my cycle had been changed, and found out the next month through automatic alert that I had gone over my limit days after the cycle had been set to restart Frankie Frankieleohart CRTCforum Rogers has to take responsability for technical mistakes with their automatic system.

Vulnerable clients are prone to simply pay the fares they are charged wrongly. I on the other hand was convinced the only solution to Rogers mistakes was to get a pricier plan Are the telcos own surveys skewed too positive? Frankie Frankieleohart exploitative bs indeed.

And the corporate model makes the culprits unnaccountable. Because the CS reps and their mangersseem to have no power to protect clients. It's to wonder if the companies are really having technical difficulties, or if it's a cash grabbing ploy CRTCforum Strongly recommend based on info credibility research verbal information in pre-purchase shopping absolutely not enough. Frankie Frankieleohart CRTCforum Damage control, unnaccountability, riding the waves of chaos and an oligarchic culture We the citizens depend on telecom.

It should be nationalized. Now as individuals we have to deal with these cronies. Boycotting is out of the question in this day an age.

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Hard thing is, individualistic consumerism, misleading and undetectable corporate schemes throw the blame on those who sign the contracts, not those who write them And the corporations that "offer" these services have all the good cards in their hands. They can exploit the citizens, and keep looking good while doing it If they start fixing issues and actually working correctly, they will make less money.

They know we have no other choice but to deal with them in this day and age. Telecom services should be nationalized and free Order confirmation point too late. Why not as a pre-purchase quote? The other alternative is the long and consuming legal system. Corporations clearly know this too well Bell reports 5 reasons for not putting info in writing: human error by CSR, training issue, system error, billing error, or customer misunderstood.

Only 1 relates to consumer issue, why can't SP do better in their service quality? The record if proceeding and from now one Bell would train 3rd party directly. Rasta NSRasta -Have we fully understood the customer's needs? Maybe Rob could amplify some of his Customer Discussions? Bell does not see need for changes beyond Code in Wireless regime based on their analysis of "problems" reported.

This is unusual. Kudos to him! How can we hold them accountable? That's part of the larger issue. Bell suggests consumers do advance shopping as rationale for not providing these. More data needed here. Greg O'Brien gregobr This is the tool Bell is saying it's using for staff education.

Axonify axonify. That's why training is constant and there is such hunger for new training tools. Frankie Frankieleohart CRTCforum being the frontline for abusing customers and doing the emotional heavy lifting for the corporation might be a reason for the high turnover, just a thought. Greg O'Brien gregobr Bell's Malcolmson said of a new possible telecom sales practices code: "It's hard for a code to regulate human interactions. A consumer has their final word in it.

The floor is yours! This means that tweets with CRTCforum that, for instance, are aggressive, abusive, repetitive, or irrelevant to the hearing will not be part of the public record. Thank you all for participating! CRTCforum Friend's promo was ending, and wanted to get something similar. Fairly full room here for what I believe is the first telecommunications-related oral hearing under present management of CRTCforum.

Similar to lower-cost data plans. Would like to see "customer expectations" reframed thru Code requirement to support "informed" consumers. With public consultation over, CRTC inquiry on telecom sales practices starts today. There are 8 CRTCforum commissioners and chairpeople overseeing this hearing, as well as 9 legal staff. CRTCforum Chairman Scott asks if this is a systemic problem, or one that should be dealt with on a case by case basis? Aggro door-to-door salespeople were the subject of numerous complaints filed by individuals to CRTCforum. I'd agree with this I've asked several times for representatives to "stop stopping by" when they are in the neighbourhood.

They lie so much I now answer the door with the police on the line to force them to leave.

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If there were competition, incumbents would publish lower rates and offer those to customers. I am ActuallyAutistic. Furthermore, there were very obvious points where I could tell they were omitting or obfuscating information. This is compounded by the need for data. Voici un exemple de pratique douteuse.

CRTC crtcforum. Replying to cbcgopublic I am happy that this work is underway. I have seen my patients older adults , many of them frail, cognitively impaired and socially isolated, pay for services such as internet that they did not even have. Major one: ITMP disclosure is not made when asked directly. I need neither, I like my Comwave and that is not about to change. The CRTCeng is taking comments today on deceptive telecom sales practices via the hash tag crtcforum.

See quantification of "out of mandate issues" in the annual reports, also summarized in the mid-years -- with micro-data in the open-data CSVs: ccts-cprst. No, I am serious. The majority of my counseling practice is working in family law, a. In my capacity, I deal with Read more. Healthy personal boundaries are the key to healthy relationships. Without them, healthy relationships are impossible. Yes, you heard that right. That is because boundaries provide a necessary and very important distinction between yourself and Read more.

Being single is hard enough. Dating is difficult, scary, and usually exhausting both mentally and physically. As women, we tend to overthink, over worry, and definitely overstress. So, you can imagine all that brain power being put into overdrive Read more. Did you get all of that?