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The handbook is very small which I wasn't expecting, but this is actually a good thing. It's got enough in it to give an overview which is ideal when preparing for the courses. It's concise. I brought this via my Kindle but would recommend that you buy the book rather than the kindle version, due to the details of the diagrams which need to be reviewed and digested. However the book is excellent, in that its simple and explicit, compared to the manual and makes everything 'bite size'.

Read this before you read the manual. Highly Recommended" - by Thiru edinburgh. Worth the money. I was appearing for my Foundations and practitioner exam when i bought this. It is a good supplement along with the Manual. This material summarise the exhaustive contents in the manual. I cleared my exams 6 months ago and i still use this guide for reference. Highly recommended. Available for download now. This book is not about how to do project management in terms of documents, templates, procedures, etc. The Project Management Book is about what you should be doing as a project manager, in order to become a great project manager that delivers successful projects.

It shares lots of tips and experiences lived by the author as well as other professionals. Also, it focuses on areas that are typically not covered by the standard literature: the human side of project management, developing relationships with your team and stakeholders, managing your project through political fights and business reorganizations, understanding the culture of an organization and how it impacts project management, etc. See All Buying Options. Only 8 left in stock more on the way. Needed to recertificate my PRince Accreditation and needed some advice as to the new format of examination in preparation for my course.

This nbook was excellent but will not replace the need to go on the 3 day course at least as that extra time in the classroom is ndefinitiely needed. Only 3 left in stock more on the way. Good reference guide and recommended as an aide to the course , easy to understand and helpful to complete the Prince2 Course. Not a bad effort at combining the two. One or two errors in the proofreading, such as wrong colour used, but pretty good.

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All you need is to devote more time to studies. Either you can choose to sit for the exam at the end of a training course with an Accredited Training Organisation ATO , or you can choose to do self-study and then book the exam without taking up a training course. Step 5: In case, you have chosen to self-study without any training support, then schedule your exam through PeopleCert.

Step 8: Carry the required documents to the exam center and appear for the exam. Step 9: Once you finish the exam, you will receive the result within 5 business days. The result will reflect on your PeopleCert profile and can also be downloaded. Step As soon as you pass your exam, you will receive a notification from AXELOS letting you know about MyAxelos and how you can activate your membership through it.

Step Meet the 20 CPD requirements to reflect your achievement through a digital badge by subscribing to MyPrince2. You can make the process easier by developing a strategy to prepare for the exam. Here are a few tips on how you can begin:. To pass the Practitioner exam, you need to be fluent with the basics taught in the Foundation level, and should also be well versed with the manual. Ideally, you can give a gap of 1 week to 1 month, depending on the time you need for adequate preparation.

But a gap of a couple of months might prove to be hazardous. Too long a gap might diminish your capacity to recall all the information, although you get a lot of time to revise and practice. The groups are-. During the exam, you are provided with the details of a particular project and the questions are based on that project scenario.

The next point of your revision checklist refers to the relevant scenario. The best part is that you need to have your head around only one project and not several. The most crucial element that leads you to success in any exam is time management. It consists of 9 sections where each section contains 12 marks, so, you just need to distribute the time within these 9 sections evenly to avoid any rush during the final exam.

But, do you know that your certification expires in three years? You can restore your well-deserved credentials by sitting for a re-registration exam after three to five calendar years of the issue date of your certification. You can also enroll for training with a reputed ATO like KnowledgeHut in order to refresh your knowledge of the methodology.

Once you become a member, you need to maintain your digital badges by earning 20 CPD points and each time you renew it, your credentials get extended for 12 months. However, it would be helpful to have an understanding of the revised material since the update was made to add best practices or to fine tune the existing material.

Further, this certification will help you to:.

You should have completed at least one or more of the following:. Both these certifications operate at different levels. They are not related. If ScrumMaster is related to your job role, go for it. The choice depends on your present and future career prospects. If you are planning to join a Scrum team in the future, you can add the certification to your plans. Most candidates start with the Foundation level after which they proceed to the Practitioner.

In fact, it is considered to be an asset in the project management industry. There are no prerequisites if one wishes to attend the workshop but in order to appear for the Practitioner certification, candidates must have one of several credentials, mentioned above. The Foundation Level examination has no such prerequisites.

It is easy to pass once a student is well prepared for it. This knowledge helps such a person become a competent project team member. By completing both, a professional can manage and lead project teams successfully and make sure projects and processes are properly executed. Not necessarily. However, it is advisable you get it for the following reasons:. It provides the ability to improve how IT is delivered and managed within an organization.

With ITIL, efficiency can continually be improved. It also promotes effectiveness, quality and cost management. ITIL has been used for IT but organizations are using it in a variety of settings for different purposes. Though similar, they both have different scopes. The price varies from country to country. However, the price also varies in different countries of the world. Other costs include the training fee, sample exam papers cost, study guide, and membership fees. You are expected to sit the exam at a recognized ATO Accredited Training Organization or a specified center where you can conveniently write and pass the exam.

Regarding the requirements for the Foundation certification, there are little to nothing as the conditions are not so strict. There are actually no conditions for sitting the exam at this level but some centers might require a basic understanding of project management. Since the Foundation level tests basic knowledge, it is not compulsory to have any project management skills. If you have the ability to read on your own and understand basic concepts, then go for it but if you need assistance, it may cost more because it will involve a tutor and classroom training.

There are various websites on which you can register at a minimal cost and get access to a whole lot of videos and online materials. A lot of people have used online studying methods and they have passed the exam at their first attempt. Once you reach the end of your subscription after 12 months, you will receive a reminder for subscription renewal before the expiry date.

Failure to renew your subscription will lead to the removal of access from the latest publications, digital badges, CPD activities, and best practices available as a part of the product subscription. If you renew your subscription after the expiry date has passed and your subscription has lapsed, just log back in and pay the new subscription fee.

KnowledgeHut study materials are approved by both Peoplecert and Axelos. Apart from the 4 days training, you also get downloadable e-materials and expert tutors at your disposal. There is a web program called the remote web proctor solution which will give access to take your exams online, using a webcam, microphone, and a stable internet connection. Exams can be scheduled in advance, at a convenient date and time.

A proctor will be available to invigilate the exam live. Exams can be taken 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even though it is online, provisions will be made for an invigilator after scheduling the date. Exams can also be taken offline through accredited training centers around the world. Since they are not written every day but on certain days, centers are overbooked. You may need to plan your booking ahead since many people will be kept on the waiting list.

Depending on your final decision, there is provision for both online and offline examinations. For this, you can schedule your exam in advance by choosing a suitable date and time. Be ready with a webcam, microphone, and a stable internet connection at the agreed time to connect with a proctor who will invigilate your exam live. You should also ensure that you meet the required technical requirements to continue with the exam smoothly. With this globally recognized institute, you can sit your exam at your own preferred location provided your system has a webcam and internet facility.

Peoplecert has developed an exam shield where candidates can be invigilated online through virtual proctoring. Besides being well equipped with the latest technology and tools, Peoplecert is flexible and easily accessible. Employers look forward to hiring practitioners as the certificate is well recognized by major industries.

For a classroom course, the practitioner exam is 2 days including the duration of training and the exam. However, be committed and focused to the study hours. Ensure that you understand the content and the concepts so you can pass the exam at the first attempt. It is a closed book exam. There is usually no penalty for taking it into the examination as no one cares what it is being used for.

The exam format for the Foundation exam is 60 multiple choice questions. Candidates are given 60 minutes to attempt all questions. You will receive your final results in your PeopleCert profile and you can download the certification from there as well. Your result is announced within 2 business days of your answers being submitted by the exam supervisor to PeopleCert. The entire process takes around 5 business days. In case, you have taken your exam via Pearson Vue, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from PeopleCert within 7 working days along with a link to your e-certificate.

Further, you will be asked to activate your PeopleCert Account where you will be able to manage your certificates as well as purchase the hard copy. Some of the reasons for failure are misappropriation of time during exams and lack of adequate preparation. When there is adequate understanding of the themes, appendices, and glossary then you are sure to achieve success. But how do you do that? The following preparation tips will guide you to prepare well for this exam:.

It also helps you upgrade and understand any new changes that may have been added since your last attempt. You will be able to easily identify the changes or updates that have been made after the previous edition of the manual. It is really important for you to be fluent with the manual to pass your re-registration exam successfully. So, you need to brush up on all the concepts and revise the method which you studied in the first place to earn this certification.

It is suggested that you take a few days off from your work to revise and study for the exam rather than trying to find some time in the midst of your ongoing project. As a plus for anyone looking to self-study, this is the right tool that can be used to ensure preparation. It is a solution known as remote web proctor that comes with the opportunity of writing exams online. With it installed in your system, you can sit the exam without any challenge. You need to check the compatibility of your system with the exam shield by visiting the Peoplecert website. You must also have your identity photos and other credentials like passport and driving license ready.

Any software in your system that might affect the smooth functioning of the exam shield should be deactivated or disabled for the period of the exam. It also partners with other organizations as well as government agencies for professional delivery and development of professional exams that are flawless and of high standards. Countless numbers of exams are delivered to different categories of people worldwide using different languages and unbeatable assessment technology tools. With the use of proctors, individuals can now write their professional exams online using exam shield and can be invigilated via the internet.

Peoplecert delivers several certification programs on behalf of Axelos and other similar organizations. It is now the only recognized institute that delivers Axelos examination globally. But how are these different from each other? Here is what you need to do to maintain your certification:.

Then, you can keep your Axelos membership for the following three years by submitting 20 CPDs per year.

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Here are some reasons that will help you become sure of that decision:. It expires after 5 years of your certification. It is renewable by taking the re-registration exam 3 years after you passed the Practitioner exam. The expiry date is written on the Practitioner certificate. You must also maintain the digital badge that will be awarded to you upon becoming a member for 3 years. The badge will be extended for renewal on the condition of recording 20 CPD points every year.

If these conditions are met, you will be given a new certificate that will last for another 3 years. For the first option, after 3 years of sitting and passing the Practitioner exam, you can re-register for the exam to re-sit it. The exam is similar to the normal one. The second option is becoming a member of Axelos, and this is far easier. They recognize your dedication to the Project Management world through the award of credits for every educational effort you make throughout your career.

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The factors are:. Secondly, you should check whether the training provider offers both offline and online modes of learning. Training cost is an essential element, not only in terms of your training but also because you pay a sum of amount from your pocket. Hence a thorough check of the training provider is a must before you enrol and of course, do not forget to read the fine print of their terms and conditions. Checking the online reviews of a training provider is the best way to learn about its reputation in the market.

You can also check for any newspaper or magazine articles available to learn about the teaching techniques deployed by the training providers. You should also check for the convenience and comfort associated with the training venue. Although this might seem unimportant, these factors do make a huge difference in the learning environment. A big group might bring in a gap between you and the instructor. So, check for a reputed training provider who trains you in a small group.

A reputed training provider is usually packed with excellent training material that helps you learn and grasp concepts better. Therefore, it is suggested that you find out about the training material used by the training provider prior to finalizing them. When you choose to get trained through online training mode, you might need some extra guidance and support from the trainer.

PRINCE2® Foundation

Hence, you need to find out if the trainer offers offline interactions and support. You will be able to better balance your work-life commitments, if you have the flexibility of scheduling classes at your own convenience. The next important thing on your checklist should be to check for the availability of study aids with the trainer.

Your trainer can fulfill your training needs through E-learning. Therefore, you need to check with the trainer if you are provided with an in-course or post-course study assistance. Before making any investment in the project, the likelihood of the successful and delivery and the return on Investment ROI is predicted. Providing an e-learning program is like any other project.

These papers are the perfect guide to show you how the questions are typically presented in the real exam. Certifications for project management are qualifications that help in adding value to the credentials of Project Managers and make them certified. There are also many other project management certifications apart from those mentioned above. However, the country with the cheapest accreditation program is India. It is an embodiment of processes and working techniques which a project manager can imbibe and follow to accomplish a given project.

It is more of a theory and guide. It involves more practical skills than the theory found in PMP. It can be used in any industry, organization or in projects of any scale. Obviously, both the certifications are important but one might get more preference than the other based on the location. And obviously, the exposure. Salary is always a driving factor for every professional while choosing a certification course. INR 14,17, INR 14,10, It is important for you to check the eligibility requirement for any certification before you decide to take it up.

Being owned or managed by two separate bodies and having their origins in two different countries, both the certifications have certain specific eligibility requirements that you need to fulfill in order to onboard your certification journey. The eligibility requirements are as follows:. Each of the certification levels has its own unique eligibility requirements which you need to fulfill. But yes, having some prior knowledge of project management can prove to be an added advantage.

For the same you need to prove your eligibility by showing that you have accomplished at least one of the following certifications:.

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The following chart gives you a clear understanding of cost involved in each of the certifications:. You need to answer multiple-choice questions within 4 hours. Going deeper, the questions are broken down into:. These differences might be helpful for you to understand which certification you need to do:. These basic differences will help you to go beyond the quest of simplicity or complexity and identify the certification that fits your requirements while helping you to get better ROI.

Even the report card reflects the result in terms of the target level, i. Got certified? But your certification might come with a validity. Check the validity of these certifications to learn when you should renew the same:. You can continue with your credentials by earning 60 PDUs within 3 years. The foundation level certifications come with a lifelong validity whereas the practitioner-level certifications expire in 3 years. It can be explained in the form of this chart:. This means, you need to renew it within 3 years by earning 60 PDUs. These PDUs can be earned through two modes:.

Education includes taking part in courses or training, organisation meetings, training through online or digital media, reading, and informal learning. Whereas, you can earn PDUs by giving back to the community by creating content, working as a Practitioner, giving presentations, sharing knowledge, and volunteering.

Here, you earn 5 CPDs from the Professional Experience category whereas, you need to earn the rest of the 15 points from activities like training and qualifications, community participation, and self-study categories. If you are able to discover an institute that can combine both studies, you will spend around 32 hours studying in a face-to-face or online classroom. CAPM training requires 23 hours of training. For all the exams you will have to undertake self-study in addition to the training in order to grasp the content well, and the duration of self-study depends on your ability to grasp the subject matter and remember it.

They have even been tested for years in terms of project success. Further, it is designed in response to the demand from user communities while exploring the interface between project management and agile project delivery. It comprises of:. But before that you need to understand what the certification is and the two levels involved in it. How does it help you? The certification levels involved in the scheme are:. At times, some of the training solutions can be a combination of both. Well here lies the path that will guide you for the same:. Step 2: In either of the above choices, you need to fulfill the required prerequisites for the course.

Step 5: Log in to PeopleCert in order to schedule your exam, in case, you chose to self-study and appear for the exam without any training support. Step 7: Practice makes you perfect! Step 8: Sit for the exam and give your best. Step 9: Once you submit your test, the exam results will appear in your PeopleCert profile and you can download the same for your later reference. You can use the same to showcase your highest achievement.

Yes, it is worth it for professionals who desire to deliver agile projects, upgrade their knowledge of agile concepts and techniques which includes Scrum, Kanban, Lean Start-up and Cynefin. This certification was introduced to emphasize the fact that its methods are unique and unbeatable by any other method. Some of the notable benefits include accessibility to easily deliver agile related projects. It is developed in response to user demand and teaches you to blend structure, governance, and control with agile methods, techniques, and approaches.

Moreover, this course will enable you to:. Some ATOs might even deliver the training by mixing both the modes. This exam demands that you hold at least one or more of prior certifications like:. Getting trained with an ATO will allow you to sit for the exam at the end of the course, or you can book your exam with PeopleCert if you choose to self-study. Step 4: Find a suitable date and time for the training by checking the Schedules and training dates of the ATO. Step 5: If you have decided to prepare on your own without any training support, then you should book your exam through PeopleCert.

Step 7: Sample papers are a good way to test your knowledge and understand about time management. Step 8: Finally, appear for the exam with the required documents and give it your best shot! Step 9: Once you submit your test, you will receive your results within 5 business days. The results will be available on your PeopleCert profile and you can download the same from there.

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This communication basically consists of information about how to activate your membership. You will also receive a digital badge that you can use to showcase your highest achievement. In order to maintain the same, you need to retake the exam or meet the CPD requirements to maintain your digital badge. Yes, there is. It is intended for people working in an Agile project management environment.

It is designed to help professionals tailor management controls when working in an agile environment. Though this methodology originated and is commonly accepted in the UK, it is a globally recognized certificate that some industries prefer above PMP. It provides one of the best guides to project management.

Being a methodology, a lot of people prefer it to other related project management certificates which often tilts more towards theory. Project managers opt for this certification to get detailed processes that are more practical in approach. It contains several themes and processes, which project managers and some industries have preferred above others as a result of it practicality and methodology.

Though more popular in the UK and some countries of the world, it is a globally recognized management system that has been effective for users and project managers. It helps managers in dividing given tasks and projects into clear stages from start to finish focusing especially on product delivery rather than mere activities. It contains 4 main elements; 7 principles, 7 themes, 7 processes and adaptation to the environment of the project. It suits different categories of projects. The goal of the business and the requirements serve as guiding principles for the entire project from the beginning to the end.

Above all, the progress of projects is well evaluated. It is used in different countries of the world in both private and public sector projects. It makes it easy to spot problems right on time. It helps project managers to keep projects on track and deliver them within the stipulated budget and time. It divides projects into three stages i. It is an accredited training organization that has complete authority in conducting trainings and awarding certification examinations. Axelos was created in in the UK with the aim of managing, developing and growing globally recognized project management portfolios.

The methodologies that are part of the portfolio of Axelos are embraced and used globally by project managers and other programmers. The Project Management Institute's quotes: Through , 1. The number will continue to increase because of the demand for the profession. It is recognized and used in the private sector in the UK and internationally. This signifies that a project must have a plan before the execution. It must be controlled as it is ongoing and when the project ends, all loose ends must be tidy. The framework is built on 7 principles, 7 themes, 7 processes and is tailored to the project environment.

These principles are the foundations of the framework. The themes concern aspects of project management that must be continuously addressed throughout the project and the processes describe who is responsible for performing the themes at different points of the project. Since every project is different; so the themes and processes must be tailored to suit the needs of the environment. They are business case, organization, quality, plans, risk, change, and progress.

They give the needed insights into how any project should be carried out in order for it to be result-oriented. The first theme examines whether a given project is worth venturing into. The second breaks the project into manageable units. The next theme ensures the consistency of projects with high standards. The fourth theme ensures all stages are well covered without any loophole. The fifth stage calculates all possible risks and how to handle them when they arise and so on. These processes enable projects to be thoroughly managed in a scalable way. They are the machinery that drives projects to completion.

It stipulates that projects should be divided into manageable and controllable parts. A project must be well planned before the commencement, it must be controlled and then when it ends, it must be tidied up. It was created by the UK Government as a standard for information systems projects. However, it is acceptable and recognized in different parts of the world.