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Why buy refurbished? Discover the benefits of refurbished products. What is "refurbished"? Where do refurbished products come from? HP refurbished business products can originate from a variety of sources, including: Customer returns and cancelled orders - Fully-functional products that leave the HP warehouse and therefore can no longer be sold as new.

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Overstocks - Items that are returned by a dealer to make room for newer product lines. Demonstration - Products have been used as HP demos.

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When is refurbished better? For example: Your applications don't require the latest performance. If your company has standardized on a certain platform and "new" production on that platform has been discontinued. Acer Nitro 5 Best Gaming Laptop 5. HP Envy 13 Honorable Mention 1. COM Apple is a class apart when it comes to consumer electronics.

The company has got its share of loyal fan following, which we honestly think is worth deserving. Apple products work as advertised — which is becoming an oddity these days. This specific Macbook Pro is available for almost half of the retail price. Even with outdated hardware inside, this is still the best deal you can get on a Macbook Pro. The aluminium unibody design we are familiar with previous Apple products is retained with this release as well. Apple makes the best build quality laptops in the industry. Apple has packed in a The colours are spot on and the brightness levels are on par with the competitors.

TrueTone feature allows the display to accurately display true to life colours, no matter what lighting conditions prevail in the surroundings. With the excellent optimizations between the Mac OS and the hardware, this laptop is perhaps the best mobile computing device out there. The Ultrafast GB SSD ensures you faster app and OS loading times and enhances the performance of these apps while carrying out heavy-duty tasks such as rendering a video. The all-new Apple MacBook Pro lasts for about hours on moderate to heavy usage, which is almost double the screen on time of its competitor devices.

There is a volume button and power button on the side so that it can be used as a powerful tablet without the keyboard if you want to. The speakers are front-facing and the sound output is pretty loud. The magnetically clipping charging adapter is another speciality of this device. The display is one of the standout features of this device. The The images are sharp and clear, the colours are vivid and brightness levels are on par with the competing models.

Meaning, you can buy an active stylus or use it with your bare fingers. You also get the option to increase the storage by popping in an SD card in the provided slot. The heat dissipation is done by a set of specially arranged copper pipes and it does that job very well. This device comes with two cameras, one in front and the other in the rear, making it an occasional camera as well, albeit a trimmed down smartphone camera. The available keyboard that you have to purchase separately comes with backlit and can be used at night with ease.

Battery life is stellar with the Surface book pro. This device gives up to 13 hours of battery life on a single charge. If you are a traveller in need of a refurbished laptop, you are going to love this. Apart from the outdated processor, the need for purchasing keyboard and stylus separately are the things that irk us. Best Refurbished Laptops Under Rs. Having continuously shown their excellence in hardware as well software, their products are considered premium in both qualities as well as performance. Laptops from Apple is the most perfectly designed as well as solidly built devices out there on the market.

There is not a bit of flex on the chassis and everything seems perfectly blended into the design. Apple has used the seventh-gen Intel Core i5 fifth generation processor. The processor is clocked at 2. Since the OS and hardware are very well optimized, despite a slightly outdated processor, this Apple MacBook Air can still perform like a champ.

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The keyboard and trackpad are other noteworthy features on this laptop. The keys are sufficiently spaced and offer good feedback. Battery Life is the strong forte of Apple devices. Apple laptops usually have double the battery life of Windows and Linux laptops. The case with Apple Macbook Air is no different. This laptop can last you for about 10 hours on a single charge. If you can live without Windows and is content with the older processor, the refurbished MacBook Air, even today with its outdated hardware is a relevant buy.

This has largely got to do with the lightweight build, highly battery efficient OS that can perform as good or better than the Windows laptops at the same price range.


The Acer Nitro 5 is an AMD Ryzen 5 powered performance laptop which can be considered as an excellent everyday performance laptop with the potential for being a budget gaming laptop. By no means does the Acer Nitro 5 is a compact laptop. This device weighs around 2. However, the hunky look of this laptop will certainly find takers with its carbon fibre texture all around. The large exhaust vents in the rear make sure the internal temperatures stay under control, even at the peak loads.

The red and black colour tone is peculiar with the gaming laptops and it feels the same with this laptop as well. The hinge mechanism works perfectly and the additional heft of the C deck allows for the display to be opened up with a single hand. Nvidia MX made a welcome change with the improved performance but not as much as a hardcore gamer would love to see.

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Headphone volume is fine. My machine was supplied with the maximum Only 6 left in stock. Excellent laptop for the price. We were especially looking for ones with a 14" screen, as a good compromise between viewability and portability, and with a decent HDD size to avoid the "not enough room to update" trap that seems to hit the cheaper SSD-based machines and with a built-in DVD drive and webcam. This ticked all the boxes and also had a good enough processor and RAM for what we needed - homework, lower-end games and social machines for teenage children.

Only reasons for not giving it the 5th star are: 1 it's a little bit on the heavy side for the size of machine not that big a deal ; 2 the windows updater needed a bit of work to get it out of being stalled two KB downloads needed. The vendor was very helpful with sorting out the updater, and also with doing a fast, no-quibble, replacement for one I bought this for my girlfriend and she loves it!

She says that is is very light and is much quicker than she expected based on the price. She is very happy with it. I set up the laptop for her Windows 10 and the whole process was problem free so very pleased with the purchase. Great laptop and works well, only downside, if there is any, is that I was purchasing E yet when I switch it on it says it is E?? Only 1 left in stock. Excellent condition for a 5 year old laptop but these Dell Latitudes are built to last. Haven't had the time to test everything on it yet but all seems ok. No backlit keyboard which is mentioned in some online reviews so must be an optional extra.

No problems with the Windows 10 installation which is excellent for a machine designed for Windows 7. No hesitation 5 stars. Received the product today within a day of ordering and I am very happy with what I have got. For a refurbished product I was expecting some scratches and key problems but the product is as good as new. For the price, it is a steal deal.

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Working smoothly with Windows 10 professional. The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is because, the seller had mentioned 1 year subscription of ESET internet security to be included with the laptop which was not there. Other then that, I am really happy with the laptop and hopefully it will run as smoothly going ahead.